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Top Cafes & Bars Serbia
Rakia Bar

Rakia Bar, Belgrade

Rakia Bar is located in the center of Belgrade (Dorćol), at 5 Dobračina Street. Location of the bar is one of the most conveniant in the city making Rakia Bar almost equidistant from Kalemegdan, Knez Mihajlova Street a...
Red Bar

Red Bar, Belgrade

 Red bar is founded in 1996. year, located in Skadarlija - one of the most bohemian neighborhood of this part of Europe, has an ideal position, no matter in which part of town you are. It is one of the most favorite me...
The Black Turtle Pub II

The Black Turtle Pub II, Belgrade

The second "Turtle" in our chain of Belgrade pubs. Located in one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of Belgrade City in close vicinity of Knez Mihailova st, and Kalemegdan Fortress, yet hidden from everyday big city...
Coffee Dream

Coffee Dream, Belgrade

Coffee Dream offers over 50 different coffees and coffee beverages to coffee lovers, connoisseurs and hedonists. Each coffee can be changed according to your wishes, so if you would really like to try all options, you sh...
Cafe & Factory

Cafe & Factory, Belgrade

This is where they sell probably the best coffe you can try in Belgrade. Besides the coffee, you can taste some cakes and sweets as well as several types of sandwiches if you're hungry. The staff is friendly and will alw...
Biblioteka Café

Biblioteka Café, Belgrade

Nice little Belgrade café :-) Working hours: We are open: most days from about 9 or 10. Sometimes early in the morning at around 7, but some days later, at about 12 or 13 hours. We are closed: about midnight or 00:30. So...
Marabu Caffe

Marabu Caffe, Kragujevac

Marabu Caffe is situated in a pleasant and quiet neighborhood in Kragujevac, in the city center. The interior of the club is made by model of modern global brands with excellent lighting and sound systems. It has three f...
Pro Bono Publico

Pro Bono Publico, Kragujevac

This is an authentic irish bar with excellent music and live acts. It is located in the city center, right across the street from the Kragujevac's fire station.  
Car Cafe

Car Cafe, Kragujevac

Founded in the fall of 2012, Cafe Car is an exclusive coffee club, which, with its interior, services and offerings, is a true refreshment of urban life in Kragujevac. Luxurious surroundings, pleasant atmosphere and spir...
Čokolada Caffe

Čokolada Caffe, Kragujevac
Rakia Bar

Rakia Bar, Kragujevac

Rakia Bar is an excellent choice if you want to have a morning coffee or an aperitif before lunch, good conversation with your friends in the afternoon, a drink before going out in the evening or if you simply decide to ...
"Oblomov" caffe

"Oblomov" caffe, Kragujevac

The rusty apartment is majestically transformed into the one of the nicest spaces in the city, and it is the venue of numerous events (exhibitions, concerts, poetry readings…). Atmosphere in Oblomov is in accordance with...

"Hazard", Kragujevac

Restaurant/Caffe bar “Hazard” is located in the city center, on the second floor of the Shopping center “Radnički”. If you are a guest in our city, this bar, with its beautiful summer garden, is just the place from which...
Cherry Caffe

Cherry Caffe, Kragujevac

Cherry Caffe is a very popular place for young people to hang out. It is located at two sites, one is at Lole Ribara, in the city center and the other one at Bulevar Kraljice Marije, just accross the street from the Plaz...
"Srce" pastry shop

"Srce" pastry shop, Kragujevac

Story about the “Heart” Srce means heart. It is a story through which many people learned how to make their lives better, sweeter, more comfortable…It is a romantic place where people fall in love and enjoy…It is a morni...
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