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Lower Danube

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Top Nightlife Serbia
Mikser House

Mikser House, Belgrade

MIKSER is a multidisciplinary, multicultural platform that aims to affirm the cultural industry of the region and organize the largest regional festival of creativity.
Mr. Stefan Braun Cocktail Bar

Mr. Stefan Braun Cocktail Bar, Belgrade

Mr. Stefan Braun is a bar located on the 9th floor and into which you enter directly from the elevator. There is a huge counter in the middle, excellent bartenders who make a wide range of cocktails. Bartenders in this ...
Brankow Club

Brankow Club, Belgrade

Brankow Bar is one of the youngest clubs in the city, but in a short time it managed to get really praised and made it high on the list of favorite places to go out in Belgrade. It is situated in Savamala, the increasin...
The Tube Club

The Tube Club, Belgrade

The Tube Club was opened on December 20th 2007 and is located at the corner of Simina and Dobracine, specifically on Simina 21 - that is, in the very center of Belgrade. In the club there is also a bar of nine meters an...
Play Splav

Play Splav, Belgrade

Play splav on the water, a place where enjoyment is complete. Whether you're in flip-flops or high heels, during the break between cocktails and tasty snacks, you can enjoy live performances, DJs, the beautiful sunsets ...
20/44 Club

20/44 Club, Belgrade

Belgrade "Database Oasis " 20/44 club-bar on the Sava River, opened in the summer of 2009. In the heart of the white city, on the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, a hundred meters from Branko's Bridge, is anchored...
Danguba Club

Danguba Club, Belgrade

Danguba can take up to 400 guests and it's the ideal place for everyone who enjoys good rock music and is looking for a good time.
Plastic Club

Plastic Club, Belgrade

Plastic Club has for many years been a synonym for a good time. This reputation was achieved thanks to the concept that is, since the club's inception, placed and developed. It consists of three parts: the dance hall, w...
Caffe Geto

Caffe Geto, Kragujevac

Geto (Ghetto) is the iconic nightclub in Kragujevac. It is the kind of club where, with the sounds of local and foreign music, you take the last drink just before going home. It is just the place if you want to stay out ...
Caffe Club Casino

Caffe Club Casino, Kragujevac

This club is the lighthouse of entertainment. It carries the epithet exclusive for a reason. Available 24 hours a day, it creates an unforgettable rhythm and a good feeling with its modern settings. You will enjoy whethe...
Volpe Nightclub

Volpe Nightclub, Kragujevac

This is relatively new nightclub and it has become quite quickly the epicenter of nightlife. It is located in the pedestrian zone in the center of town. Live music and a good atmosphere are guaranteed.
Dom omladine

Dom omladine, Kragujevac

Dom omladine, and a caffe Gallery with its summer garden, which is a part of Dom omladine, are one of the most favorite places for young people to gather. There are always great live gigs of different genre. Also, exhibi...
Nightclub "PodrOOm"

Nightclub "PodrOOm", Vrnjacka Banja

Synonym for good time, where every weekend there is a goests from local music scene and the stars which you will never go wrong when heading is Music Club Podroom. Podroom Vrnjacka Spa offers you every weekend entertainm...
Lo-Co Tropic Open Bar

Lo-Co Tropic Open Bar, Nis

A beautiful terrace by the river, with the most wonderful view of Nisava river and the Fortress. By day, you can enjoy the good coffeee, refreshing beverages and cocktails, and by night , in the crowded outdoor cafe, you...
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